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Ashkin Group, LLC

Address 3644 Tamarron Drive
Bloomington, Indiana 47408
DescriptionThe Ashkin Group regularly conducts the High Performance Healthy Cleaning Workshop. This workshop is designed to provide the background, details, and steps to meet the requirements for a healthy school environment. Participants will understand the impact cleaning has on the environment - both built and outdoor - the importance of a Green Cleaning program to students, teachers, staff, and budgets, and how to develop and implement a Green Cleaning program. They offer a number of publications and resources on Green Cleaning that are designed for school administrators.They produce an electronic newsletter, Green Cleaning, which is publiched monthly.

Individual Contacts for this Organization

Steve Ashkin
3644 Tamarron Drive
Bloomington, Indiana 47408
p: 812-332-7950
f: 812-332-7965