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Waukesha County Recycling &Solid Waste

Address 1320 Pewaukee Rd Room 260
Waukesha, Wisconsin 51388
DescriptionWaukesha County Recycling is the “responsible unit” for recycling and waste reduction in Waukesha County per state law for 25 of 37 municipalities in our county. They own a materials recycling facility for residential recycling, and administer numerous educational programs related to recycling, waste reduction, hazardous waste, re-use, etc. They have an education room at their facility, but they also conduct presentations at schools, businesses, clubs, etc. They have a county Green Schools program that serves as a financial support system for schools that can also be used to help complete our state Green & Healthy Schools program. They assist residents, schools, businesses, and other organizations with recycling, offer school and business waste assessments, and a variety of other resources such as compost education, green building, sustainability, etc.

Waukesha County Recycling is actively involved in a waste reduction coalition that is transitioning from regional to statewide: The Wisconsin Be SMART (Save Money And Reduce Trash) Coalition. They provide workgroups for Special Wastes, Away-From-Home Recycling, Green Pages(an annual special Earth Day section of the local Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper), and a scholarship program.

Individual Contacts for this Organization

Meribeth Sullivan
Waukesha County Recycling Specialist
1320 Pewaukee Rd Room 260
Waukesha, Wisconsin 51388
p: 262-896-8317
f: 262-896-8298
notes: Ms. Sullivan serves as the Education & Outreach Chairperson, and is actively involved in festival recycling. She is currently (2005)in the midst of a state grant to produce an on-line tool kit to offer information that will help festival/fair/event organizers set up successful recycling programs.