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Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Address 1021 N. Grand Avenue East
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276
DescriptionThe mission of the Office of Pollution Prevention (OPP) is to promote pollution prevention (P2) as the preferred strategy for environmental protection. Reducing or eliminating pollution at the source is preferable to treating or managing it after the fact. P2 not only can help businesses and others achieve better environmental protection, but it can also help them save money, improve efficiency and ease regulatory concerns.

The Office of Pollution Prevention (OPP) promotes P2 through a variety of educational, technical assistance, regulatory integration and voluntary recognition initiatives.

Individual Contacts for this Organization

Becky Lockart
Pollution Prevention Specialist
1021 N. Grand Avenue East
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276
p: 217-524-9642
f: 217-557-2125