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Funding Opportunities

The Kresge Foundation: Green Building Planning Grants

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As part of its Green Building Initiative, the Kresge Foundation is encouraging nonprofit leaders to examine their planning and design processes so that they can assess the environmental impact of their facilities. The Foundation is offering planning and bonus grants available on a limited basis. Not-for-profit organizations that have 501(c)3 status are eligible to apply. Hospitals, other government and religious organizations may also be eligible. Elementary and secondary schools are eligible if their mission and programs predominately serve individuals with physical and/or developmental disabilities. See the Planning Grant Program Guidelines for complete eligibility information, eligible costs and application requirements: http://www.kresge.org/cms/uploads/PlanningGrantGuidelines.pdf.

The Foundation, which also has a separate capital grant program for nonprofits, is also offering bonus grants for grant recipients in that capital program whose green building projects are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program. Grants will be awarded until program funds are expended. For further information, visit the Kresge Foundation web site.


The Kresge Foundation