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Transportation - clean air programs


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Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours - Research - Web site
Summary: Unnecessary school bus idling pollutes the air, wastes fuel, and causes excess engine wear. Fortunately it’s easy to implement practices that reduce school bus idling. Topics found at this site include ways to save money and reduce pollution, actions to redu...
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Asthma Regional Council (ARC)
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - List - Web site
Summary: The mission of the New England Asthma Regional Council is "to reduce the impact of asthma across New England, through collaborations of health, housing, education, and environmental organizations with particular focus on the contribution of schools, homes, and...
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CATF School Bus Particulate Matter Study
Type: Article/Report - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours
Summary: Diesel exhaust is a major source of combustion particles that contribute to poor air quality nationwide. Since almost all school buses are operated with diesel engines, diesel engine exhaust can thus also be a source of concern, specifically with regard to exp...
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Clean School Bus USA
Type: Article/Report - Case Study - Fact sheet - Research
Summary: The goal of Clean School Bus USA is to reduce both children's exposure to diesel exhaust and the amount of air pollution created by diesel school buses. Key topics include overviews of pollutants and programs, consumer information,fuels and fuel additives, mo...
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Clean School Bus USA- Where You Live
Type: Web site
Summary: An interactive map makes it possible to check on the status of Clean School Bus efforts in each state/region of the country.
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Clean School Buses, Healthy Kids
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - Research - Web site
Summary: Millions of our children ride to school each day on buses that are among the dirtiest vehicles on the road. The vast majority of the 442,000 school buses are aging diesel vehicles built to outmoded health and safety standards. These buses emit clouds of cancer...
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Fleet Applications & Niche Markets
Type: Article/Report - List - Web site
Summary: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleets and Niche Markets for School Buses, School Bus Toolkit (to help introduce alternative fuel vehicles to the school bus niche market)and a list of case studies and success stories from school districts around the country and publi...
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Illinois Clean School Bus Program
Type: Fact sheet
Summary: In Illinois, at least 70 percent of the 18,500 school buses in service today are powered by diesel fuel. Thousands of Illinois children ride these school buses, with many of the buses being equipped with diesel engines that lack advanced emission control techn...
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Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air
Type: Article/Report - Case Study - Web site
Summary: The Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air (WPCA) program is a coalition of over 260 businesses, community organizations, schools and government agencies committed to improving air quality through voluntary action. Leaders in Wisconsin founded the WPCA in 1996 when...
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