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Indoor Air Quality - Asbestos


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ABC's of Asbestos in Schools
Type: Article/Report - Checklist - Fact sheet - Response Plans
Summary: This is a 20-page document that can "help parents and teachers answer questions and learn the facts about asbestos in schools. It also outlines the responsibilities of school boards and other school officials toprotect school children and employees from possi...
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Type: Fact sheet - Response Plans - Web site
Summary: From the Healthy School Environments portal is a general overview of Asbestos AND links to valuable sites including AHERA and MAP.
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Asbestos News
Type: Fact sheet - Web site
Summary: This is a Web site devoted to information about Mesothelioma and Asbestos exposures. It provides news on recent legislative activities, sources of asbestos exposures, asbestos management and health risks, mesothelioma law and identifies types of mesothelioma....
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Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools Final Rule and Notice (HERA)
Type: Manual/Handbook - Response Plans
Summary: This is a copy of the rules and regulations that apply to all local education agencies. This is a 79-page document.
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School Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices
Type: Manual/Handbook
Summary: This is a 135-page PDF. This Manual is intended to help achieve and maintain good indoor air quality in Whasnington's K-12 schools. Good quality indoor air contributes to a safe, healthy, productive and comfortable environment for students, teachers, and oth...
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School-Based Study of Complex Environment al Exposures and Related Health Effects in Children (Part A) Exposure
Type: Article/Report - Research
Summary: The objectives of this study are to (1) document complex exposure patterns involving multiple acute exposures and exposures to chemical mixtures for school children (K - 5) from two low-income, racially diverse neighborhoods in Minneapolis, (2) examine tempora...
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Schools Learn to Protect Students, Staff from Exposure to Asbestos Hazards
Type: Article/Report - Response Plans
Summary: Asbestos is still a presence in public buildings, including schools. This six-page report describes issues of asbestos, AHERA and the rules that need to be observed, and it provides guidelines for development of an Asbestos Management Plan. Published Septemb...
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