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Indoor Air Quality - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)


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Asthma Regional Council (ARC)
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - List - Web site
Summary: The mission of the New England Asthma Regional Council is "to reduce the impact of asthma across New England, through collaborations of health, housing, education, and environmental organizations with particular focus on the contribution of schools, homes, and...
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Asthma Study Links VOCs and Allergens to an Increase in Childhood Asthma
Type: Article/Report
Summary: This 6 page study documents a study that investigated links between exposures to VOCs and asthma in young children.
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Do School Facilities Affect Academic Outcomes?
Type: Article/Report
Summary: From acoustics to temperature to air quality, this report addresses conditions of school facilities and how they affect academic objectives. A comprehensive, and linkable, list of resources follows the end of this 24-page pdf.
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Paint in Schools
Summary: This fact sheet addresses some of the basic concerns related to paints in the school environments, what kids can do and suggestions for schools (and parents).
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School Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices
Type: Manual/Handbook
Summary: This is a 135-page PDF. This Manual is intended to help achieve and maintain good indoor air quality in Whasnington's K-12 schools. Good quality indoor air contributes to a safe, healthy, productive and comfortable environment for students, teachers, and oth...
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School-Based Study of Complex Environment al Exposures and Related Health Effects in Children (Part A) Exposure
Type: Article/Report - Research
Summary: The objectives of this study are to (1) document complex exposure patterns involving multiple acute exposures and exposures to chemical mixtures for school children (K - 5) from two low-income, racially diverse neighborhoods in Minneapolis, (2) examine tempora...
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