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Recycling - Batteries


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Batteries (Recyclables)
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - Web site
Summary: Links for recycling batteries and information on types of batteries and how they can be recycled.
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Battery Drop Off Location Finder
Type: Web site
Summary: Select USA or Canada and provide location information to locate a drop-off location.
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Battery Recycling and Disposal Guide for Households
Type: Web site
Summary: This discussion of battery recycling addresses environmental hazards of household batteries, types of batteries and provides a summary table that compares battery type, common name and sizes with uses and proper disposal. Controversy exists on proper disposal,...
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Battery Solutions
Type: Fact sheet - Recycled Products - Web site
Summary: Tremendous opportunities exist in this New Age for advanced battery developments and safer and more cost effective recycling. Communities, local, state and federal governments, businesses and the citizenry will continue to press for new regulations and technol...
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Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet Used Battery Disposal (Utah DEQ)
Type: Fact sheet
Summary: This fact sheet is intended for users of various types of batteries. It provides general information on proper handling, disposition and disposal of batteries and the EPA regulations regarding battery hazardous waste determinations.
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