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Environmental Compliance and Best Management Practices Guidance Manual for K-12 Schools
Type: Manual/Handbook
Summary: This user-friendly manual is organized into typical school departments (administration, academic, facilities operation and maintenance, grounds, custodial, transportation, nursing and printing. Within each “unit” are the various programs. Within facilities ope...
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Environmental Virtual Campus
Type: Web site
Summary: Developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), this virtual campus uses an engaging, intuitive format to highlight potential environmental issues at nine campus areas, and provides compliance information and good management practices on a number...
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Getting Mercury Out of Schools: Why it’s a Problem, Where it is, What to do
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet
Summary: This guide was prepared to assist Massachusetts schools in identifying and removing mercury materials from their classrooms, laboratories and buildings. It was designed as a one-pocket folder with general mercury information printed on the folder and six fact...
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IAQ Tools for Schools Kit - Ventilation Checklist
Type: Checklist
Summary: Checklists for administration, building maintenance, food service, health officer, integrated pest managmenet, renovation and repairs, school officials, teacher's classroom, ventilation, walk though inspection, and waste management are all available from this...
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Identification of Mercury Devices in Schools Checklists
Type: Checklist
Summary: These tables assist school staff and/or state and local technical assistance providers in identifying mercury materials commonly found in schools. Specific tables are available for science rooms, medical offices, and school facilities. Non-mercury alternativ...
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Mercury in Schools and Communities
Type: Article/Report - Case Study - Checklist - Fact sheet - Web site
Summary: NEWMOA provides a list of fact sheets, case studies, administrator and teacher information, list of mercury devices frequently found in science labs, and mercury-exchange suggestions.
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Mercury Ordinances/Resolutions
Type: List
Summary: This portion of the Health Care Without Harm website lists state laws, local ordinances and resolutions from throughout the United States banning the manufacture, sale or distribution of mercury-containing devices. This list includes links to the actual text...
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Mercury Spills: What to do
Type: Article/Report
Summary: Liquid mercury emits vapors into the air. These are colorless, ordorless and toxic. They are health risks and even very tiny spills require special care. Tips on what to do, tips for fish eaters and anglers, tips for medical professionals and for nursing wom...
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Mercury-Free Alternatives for Schools
Summary: The purpose of this fact sheet is to help schools identify and find alternatives to mercury and other hazardous materials that may be present in school facilities. It focuses primarily on mercury compounds and mercury-containing equipment used in curriculum a...
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Schools, Colleges and Universities: Products Containing Persistent, Bioaccumulative Toxic Chemicals (PBTs)
Type: Fact sheet
Summary: This factsheet provides a list of products commonly used in educational institutions, the PBTs they contain, and PBT-free alternatives to these products. (PDF Format; Length: 2 pages)
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