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Cafeteria/Food Service - Composting


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Cathy's Crawly Composters
Type: Article/Report - School Projects - Web site
Summary: Web site for a vermicomposting operation in Onatario, Canada.
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Composting: Nature's Recycling Program
Type: BiblioResources (Books) - Case Study - Checklist - Classroom Lessons - Web site
Summary: EDF provides directions on how to begin a waste prevention initiative at school as well as how to compost and what supplies are required. They offer a case study and a biblioresource.
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Food Scrap Compost, Food Scrap Management
Type: Case Study - Fact sheet
Summary: While some excess food can be donated much will end up in landfills that could be composted. This site provides guidance on establishing a kitchen compost for food scrap management in a school. See how they recommend working with your waste hauler and local...
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Master Composter
Type: Article/Report - Checklist - Classroom Lessons - Fact sheet
Summary: This site provides information on how to compost, how to use finished compost, the benefits of composting, what to compost, and many other topics related to home composting. You can compost with almost no effort or you can become an expert. The more you work a...
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Practical Model for School Organics Recovery
Type: Article/Report - Case Study
Summary: An article in the February 2006 BioCycle features the Vancouver School District (in Washington) and their composting efforts of food scraps.
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Type: Article/Report - BiblioResources (Books) - Classroom Games and Activities - Classroom Lessons - Fact sheet
Summary: Instruction on vermicomposting in the classroom, at home, and as an academic exercise are provided. Resources include fact sheets on the role of worms, worm and worm bin supply sources, classroom worm composting and an animated interactive game (The Adventure...
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