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Water Quality


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America's Children and the Environment (ACE)
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - List - Web site
Summary: America’s Children and the Environment brings together, in one place, quantitative information from a variety of sources to show trends in levels of environmental contaminants in air, water, food, and soil; concentrations of contaminants measured in the bodies...
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Controlling Lead in Drinking Water for Schools and Day Care Facilities: A Summary of State Programs
Type: Article/Report
Summary: This report is designed to identify state programs that address issues of drinking water contamination that arises from the presence of lead. Chidlren are susceptible to adverse health effects from lead and exposure through water in schools and day care facil...
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Drinking Water in Schools and Child Care Facilities Tool Kit
Type: Web site
Summary: Schools and child care centers can find a wealth of information to assist them in their efforts to improve water quality in their facilities. EPA has published guidance on reducing lead in drinking water.
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Rain Gardens of West Michigan
Type: Web site
Summary: A project of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, the Rain Gardens of West Michigan web site provides a wealth of information on rain gardens, as well as step-by-step advice on creating your own rain garden. Benefits of rain gardens include reduced...
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Rain Gardens: A Household Way to Improve Water Quality in Your Community
Type: Fact sheet - School Projects
Summary: A basic introduction providing information on how rain gardens help protect water quality, and general step-by-step instructions on how to build a rain garden in your yard. (PDF Format; Length: 8 pages)
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Rain Gardens: A How-To Manual for Homeowners
Type: Manual/Handbook - School Projects
Summary: A detailed manual that covers rain garden sizing and siting, constructon details and planting and maintenance. Includes 11 conceptual planting designs with plant species lists. (PDF Format; Length: 32 pages)
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Seacrest Upper School
Type: Case Study
Summary: Seacrest Upper School in Naples Florida has been designed to emphasize natural lighting and implement water conservation technology with rainwater harvesting and water efficient plumbing. The building will be constructed in multiple phases with phase one begin...
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World Water Monitoring Day
Type: Classroom Lessons - School Projects
Summary: Teachers can register to participate and obtain kits for the October 18 World Water MonitoringDay 2004. Additionally, a WWMD summary for 2003 is available. From September 18 to October 18, citizens throughout the world community will have an opportunity to m...
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