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Waste Reduction - Waste-free Lunches


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Have a Wonderful Waste Free Christmas
Type: Checklist - Classroom Lessons - Holiday - Web site
Summary: Suggestions are provided for How to have a waste-free Christmas. Simple suggestions are included for wrapping, entertaining, decorating and green gifts. They also offer a "Have a Wonderful Waste Free Christmas" teacher's package and brochure.
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Laptop Lunches: Tools to Eat Smart
Type: Article/Report - School Projects - Web site
Summary: Their mission is to provide suggestions for creating fun, practical food containers and user guides that promote better nutrition and waste reduction. Their website provides newsletters with valuable information, recipes, community projects (from around the c...
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No-Waste Gift-Giving and Gift-Wrapping Ideas
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - Holiday - Web site
Summary: A few creative and easy-to-do ideas and suggestions are offered.
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Rethinking School Lunch
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - School Projects
Summary: The RSL guide provides tools and creative solutions to the challenges of improving school lunch programs, student performance, and the well-being of our children. Drawing from first-hand experience, each of the 10 chapters highlights goals and challenges, show...
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Schools and Waste
Type: Fact sheet
Summary: This two-page fact sheet offers suggestions for reducing waste in schools that includes the cafeteria.
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Waste-free Lunch Programs
Type: Article/Report - Checklist - School Projects - Workshops
Summary: This is a "how-to" site for developing a waste-free lunch program at a school. The program was created as a grassroots efforts by some concerned parents. Their waste-free lunch program started when a group of parents noticed how much trash the students were g...
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