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Pollution Prevention - Lead


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Controlling Lead in Drinking Water for Schools and Day Care Facilities: A Summary of State Programs
Type: Article/Report
Summary: This report is designed to identify state programs that address issues of drinking water contamination that arises from the presence of lead. Chidlren are susceptible to adverse health effects from lead and exposure through water in schools and day care facil...
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Facts on Lead
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet
Summary: Background on lead (basic facts), childhood lead poisoning prevention strategies (in outline form)and current facts and figures.
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Getting the Lead Out
Type: Article/Report
Summary: How are decision makers looking at the issues of potential pollutants and links to educational difficulties? Lead poisoning symptoms, sources, societal influences and how it affects learning are thoughtfully presented in this 6-page article by Erik Ness.
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Is Lead hiding here?
Type: Article/Report - Fact sheet - Web site
Summary: What is lead, why should we care, sources of lead poisoning and symptoms of lead poisoning as well as research links are provided.
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Lead: Glossary
Type: Glossary
Summary: This very short glossary links to ATSDR and MMWR for comprehensive glossaries.
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Nontoxic High Density Compounds
Type: Article/Report
Summary: A new line of patented nontoxic thermoplastic composite materials that can replace lead and other traditional materials in other applications is being sold called Ecomass® Compounds. These composite materials are completely nontoxic and can be formulated to th...
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School-Based Study of Complex Environment al Exposures and Related Health Effects in Children (Part A) Exposure
Type: Article/Report - Research
Summary: The objectives of this study are to (1) document complex exposure patterns involving multiple acute exposures and exposures to chemical mixtures for school children (K - 5) from two low-income, racially diverse neighborhoods in Minneapolis, (2) examine tempora...
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Silent Scourge: Children, Pollution and Why Scientists Disagree
Type: BiblioResources (Books) - Manual/Handbook
Summary: NonFiction

AuthorColleen Moore


Colleen Moore’s book identifies a troubling body of evidence. She shows how environmental pollution places an increasing and quantifiable burden on the education of American children. The book...

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Suppliers of Non-lead Fishing Tackle
Type: List
Summary: This is a PDF of non-lead fishing tackle suppliers.
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