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Career Education - Resources


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Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Grade Level: Middle School/Junior High - High School
Type: Classroom Materials
Summary: This site from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is designed to help kids discover their dreams, and learn how to turn them into professional realities. A teacher’s guide is provided. Information for students includes what the job is like, how to prepare fo...
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Kids and Chemicals Facts and Laws
Grade Level: High School
Type: Classroom Lessons - Glossary - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours
Summary: This lesson is designed so students are able to identify some of the synthetic chemicals they have contact with during their days; so they can consider the affects that toxic chemicals have on people; that they can reflect upon alternatives to toxic home-use p...
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You Can Make a Difference Learn about Careers in Waste Management
Grade Level: Elementary - Middle School/Junior High - High School
Type: Fact sheet
Summary: Careers in Waste Management can be found in recycling, hazardous waste, environmental engineering, data management and much more. Student employment with EPA or other federal agencies or internships can open doors or introduce potential employees to options....
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