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Waste Reduction - Facility


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Garbage Day Video
Grade Level: Pre-K thru Kindergarten
Type: BiblioResources (Books) - Classroom Lessons - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours
Summary: "A father and son embark on a family adventure to find out where garbage goes. Your child will visit recycling centers and landfills and learn all about the grand and bedazzling machinery used to collect and process everyday trash. Garbage Day!, already a nati...
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Making a Model Landfill
Grade Level: Elementary - Middle School/Junior High
Type: Classroom Lessons
Summary: Students will construct a model of a landfill and analyze the most effecti design, identify the way in which a landfill is different than a natural cycle, identify the pros and cons of landfill disposal and alternative forms of disposal and practice map readin...
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Where is Away?
Grade Level: Pre-K thru Kindergarten - Elementary
Type: BiblioResources (Books) - Classroom Lessons
Summary: This lesson is designed for grades K-3. Students will recognize that there is no "away" in "throw it away", identify the destination of the waste they generate at home and at school, identify the negative aspects of dumping or burning trash, and learn the "so...
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