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Title: Energy Design Guildelines for High Performance Schools, Cool and Dry Climates

URL: http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy02osti/29109.pdf

Abstract: This document presents recommended design elements in 10 sections each representing a key interrelated component of high performance school design. To effectively integrate energy-saving strategies, t hese options must be evaluated together from a whole-building perspective early in the design process. A "high performance checklist" for designers is located at the end of the document. The checklist is a quick reference for key architectural and engineering considerations. Case studies can also be found at the end of the document. The sections include: site design, daylighting and windows, energy-efficient building shell, lighting and electrical systems, mechanical and ventilation systems, renewable energy systems, water conservation, recycling systems and waste management, transportation, resource-efficient building prpoducts, checklist of key design issues and case studies.

Date of Publication: June 2002

Resource Type: Case Study - Fact sheet - Manual/Handbook

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