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Title: TerraCycle Inc Illinois Recycling Association Bottle Brigade

URL: http://terracycle.net/bb/ira/

Abstract: Learn about the plastic bottle recycling efforts from Illinois Recycling Association. They have joined with TerraCycle to recycle plastic bottles. These are shipped (at no expense to the school)to TerraCycle who then reuses the bottles for vermicompost tea. TerraCycle's objective is to not only limit consumption of natural capital and minimize waste, but to actually reverse the entire process. TerraCycle consumes waste as a raw material in creating a finished product that renews natural capital. TerraCycle Plant Foods™ are created by feeding organic waste to worms, liquefying their poop and packaging the liquid in reused soda bottles. Visit TerraCycle (or www.illinoisrecycles.org) to learn more.

Source: Illinois Recycling Association

Resource Type: Recycled Products - School Projects

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