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Title: Downwind Learning Science Using an EPA Exposure Model

URL: http://ciese.org/curriculum/downwind/

Abstract: The primary purpose of this project is to guide students regarding the causes and possible results of air pollution. It introduces students to the use of the IGEMS/ISC computer model, which has been developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to predict concentration levels of pollutants at distances from pollution sources for short or long terms. The project has students estimate concentration levels from two sources over short and long terms and use the results to make a recommendation for the placement of a new elementary school.

Five units have been developed. The project starts with a historic example of the tragic effect of air pollution which occurred in Donora, Pennsylvania in 1948. Since students will need to understand some basic science concepts to perform the analysis, both of the Donora Disaster and school site exercise, two units on weather and the concept of modeling have been included. Then students use the Industrial Source Complex (ISC) model to analyze two hypothetical situations for long and short term effects and make recommendations based on those results.

The project, as designed, will probably work best with high school students, although the first three units could be used at the middle school level and the entire project might be adapted for an advanced middle school group.

Resources provided include student worksheets for each units and a Teacher Guide which details time recommendations and materials necessary. The Teacher Guide lists appropriate curriculum standards addressed by the project. A Links section provides additional Internet resources related to Health and Air Pollution and expert availability.

Source: US EPA and CIESE

Resource Type: Classroom Lessons - Classroom Materials

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