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Title: Promoting Green Purchasing Tools and Resources to Quantify the Benefits of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

URL: http://www.epa.gov/epp/tools/epp_metrics.pdf

Abstract: US EPA's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program is pleased to announce the availability of a new document titled "Promoting Green Purchasing: Tools and Resources to Quantify the Benefits of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing."

This brief guide is designed to help Federal offices meet some of the challenges of green purchasing, by identifying a series of existing tools and resources which they can use to (1)help develop quantitative estimates of the projected benefits of making new EPP choices and (2)document the estimated benefits of past EPP actions. The tools and other resources summarized here are the most useful ones we found which are currently available. They tend to focus on environmental benefits, although some address other areas such as cost savings. Some of the resources are calculators, where users can enter set inputs and obtain outputs estimating impacts in their situation. Other resources are guides, collections of policies, lists of products, data collection and tracking instruments, etc. Contents include power, fleets, paper, buildings, electronics, meetings, recycling, janitorial, office supplies and resources.

Source: US EPA

Date of Publication: 10-1202006

Resource Type: Article/Report

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