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Title: Recycle The Essential Guide

URL: http://www.bdpworld.com/

Abstract: Nonfiction Editors Duncan McCorquodale and cigalle Hanaor, Introuction byLucy Siegel ISBN 1 90477236 6 Recycle The Essential Guide provides simplified details (easy to use in the classroom) on recycling processes for a variety of materials that includes paper, glass, metal (steel, aluminum and others), plastic, compost, and household (e-waste, batteries, tires, textiles, wood, and household hazardous waste). Also included are case studies from around the world that explore how others address recycling concerns. This covers everything from folk art to highly sophisticated techniques. An appendix with a Sustainable design directory, recycling directory and more make this a highly usable book for teachers. For a review on this book see http://www.epinions.com/content_316833566340 This book can be looked at through the Illinois Waste Management Research Center Library or you can contact your school librarian to locate a copy.

Source: Black Dog Publishing

Date of Publication: March 2006

Resource Type: BiblioResources (Books) - Manual/Handbook - Recycled Products

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