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Title: Pollution Prevention Measures for Safer School Laboratories

URL: http://www.epa.gov/region8/humanhealth/children/1PreventiveMeasuresToolKit.pdf

Abstract: Hands-on activities are an essential part of school science. Activities conducted in school laboratories are important if students are to learn the processes of science and have direct experiences that capture their interest and maintain their motivation. A school's lab environment, however, can be unsafe to students and school personnel due to the presence of nknown and toxic chemicals, or excessive stocks of these materials. Poor management and use of chemicals may also result in risks to human health and the environment. This kit helps with maintaining an inventory, purchasing chemicals, storing chemicals, labeling, minimizing waste and pollution, laboratory ventilation, personal protective equipment, preventing spills and a few other tools.

Source: U.S. EPA Region 8

Date of Publication: February 2006

Resource Type: Classroom Materials - Fact sheet

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