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Title: Dumpster Diver, The

URL: http://www.wmrc.uiuc.edu/main_sections/info_services/library_main.cfm

Abstract: Fiction

Author, Janet Wong, Illustrator David Roberts

ISBN 9780763623807

The topsy-turvy artwork keeps things light, but adults will find plenty to talk about with children, from the value of creative conservation to safe modeling of the depicted activities...This will be popular anytime, but especially around Earth day, when it will inject new possibility into enjoyment to reduce and recycle. A Dumpster Diver takes to the streets as well as to a creative approach for diverting waste from landfills. For more information see review of The Dumpster Diver.

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Source: Candlewick Press

Date of Publication: February 2007

Resource Type: BiblioResources (Books)

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