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Title: Where the Garbage Goes

URL: http://www.littlehardhats.com/videodvd.html

Abstract: Where the Garbage Goes is a video that allows the reader to "jump into the driver's seat of the haulers, grinders, dozers, loaders and compactors used at a state-of-the-art waste handling facility. Kids and grown-ups alike will become excited about recycling when they see Where the Garbage Goes." The video is 30 minutes, appropriate for ages 2-8 and sells for $14.95 (July 2004).

The above item is provided for informational purposes only. Mention of trade names, commercial products, or for-profit organizations does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation for use by either the Illinois Waste Management and Research Center or the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Source: Fred Levine Productions

Date of Publication: July 2004

Resource Type: BiblioResources (Books) - Classroom Lessons - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours

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