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Title: Breaking the Mold

URL: http://enviromysteries.thinkport.org/breakingthemold/

Abstract: Asthma. Rising cancer rates. Viruses we have never heard of before. Just a few of the incredibly complex health problems that confront society today. What part does our environment play? That's the question EnviroMysteries sets out to answer. Through intriguing dramatic videos supported by clear print and Web materials, middle grade teachers can help their students become detectives-investigating the connection between where we live and how we feel. Breaking the Mold is a video with lesson plans. Video tie ins are provided with the lessons. The video, Breaking the Mold, has a cost of of $39.95

Source: Maryland Public Television

Date of Publication: July 2004

Resource Type: Experiment - School Projects - Classroom Lessons - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours

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