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Title: Waste-free Lunch Programs

URL: http://www.wastefreelunches.org/

Abstract: This is a "how-to" site for developing a waste-free lunch program at a school. The program was created as a grassroots efforts by some concerned parents. Their waste-free lunch program started when a group of parents noticed how much trash the students were generating during snack time and at lunch. One of the parents had heard about a waste-free lunch program that had been implemented in Marin County, California, and another knew of one at a local preschool. They approached their school’s administrator to find out if it might be possible to implement a similar program at their school. The Head of School was extremely supportive and optimistic. He put the parents in touch with like-minded faculty, and set the wheels in motion. Two days later, parents and staff were invited to a meeting to discuss the possibility of starting a waste-free lunch program, and we were on our way! The article recommends a process for conducting a trash audit and this could very easily become a student conducted school project.

Source: WasteFreeLunches.org

Date of Publication: October 2004

Resource Type: Checklist - Workshops - Article/Report - School Projects

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