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Title: Hazardous Routes

URL: http://www.deq.state.or.us/wmc/solwaste/rethinkrecyc/4-5/RR4-520.pdf

Abstract: This lesson is designed for grades 4-5 and can be used in health and English. Students will identify ways people dispose of household hazardous waste; identify the impacts these disposal methods have on health and the environment; suggest safe alternative management routes for household hazardous wastes; learn vocabulary (poisonous, toxic, hazardous, dangerous, flammable, ignitable, corrosive, reactive, irritant); and understand that the words caution, warning and danger have special meanings and that children should never play with certain types of household products.

Source: Oregon DEQ

Date of Publication: October 2004

Resource Type: Classroom Games and Activities - Classroom Lessons - Fact sheet

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