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Title: Nontoxic High Density Compounds

URL: http://www.ecomass.com/index.html

Abstract: A new line of patented nontoxic thermoplastic composite materials that can replace lead and other traditional materials in other applications is being sold called Ecomass® Compounds. These composite materials are completely nontoxic and can be formulated to the density of lead. Ecomass® could replace some of the old lead materials you may be using for some activities. For instance, in our book Exploring Energy with TOYS, “The Catapult Gun” on page 127 requires a set of different-sized fishing sinkers. Ecomass® makes fishing weights that could be used in place of lead fishing sinkers. The Bass Pro Shops sell Ecomass® Compounds in their SAFE-SINK line of lead-free fishing tackle.

Source: EcoMass

Date of Publication: December 2004

Resource Type: Article/Report

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