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Title: Renaissance of the American School Building

URL: http://www.edfacilities.org/pubs/Renaissance.pdf

Abstract: Published by the Environmental Resource Council, this non-technical reader focuses on how school buildings, health and environment are entwined. The author provides a road map to consider when making decisions that are related to indoor air quality and other health concerns of school building environments. The author looks at unwise decisions that were made in the recent past, and believes that the previous emphasis on standardized, low-bid design and modular, environmentally indifferent school construction is undergoing a renaissance. In particular, chapter five discusses federal asbestos policy for schools in the late 1980s and early '90s. The author recommends an environmentally responsible analysis of traditional building construction or remodeling methods using the following criteria: 1) financial value and life cycle costs; 2) occupant health and comfort; 3) ecosystem impact; 4) educational value; and 5) common sense and integration. This is a 63 page pdf

Source: EdFacilities

Date of Publication: December 2004

Resource Type: Manual/Handbook - BiblioResources (Books)

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