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Title: Green Module for Industrial Chemistry: Petretec-Dupont's Technology for Polyester Regeneration

URL: http://academic.scranton.edu/faculty/CANNM1/industrial.html

Abstract: This module has been written primarily for use in an industrial chemistry course during a discussion of the petrochemical industry. A preparation for the discussion of Dupont’s Petretec technology, the module covers the areas of fossil fuel reserves, distribution of fossil fuels, and the basics refining and reforming.The reactions which occur during the conversion reactions that are performed in reforming are covered with examples.The module also includes a discussion of the fundamentals of polymerization reactions as they would be covered in an industrial chemistry survey course.This material is then enriched with the discussion of the generation and recycling of polyethylene terephthalate.The Dupont process chemistry is presented in a schematic of the process. This module comes with a powerpoint presentation, instructor notes and lesson, study questions and resources. This is available in Spanish and Portugese as well as English.

Source: University of Scranton Greening Across the Chemistry

Date of Publication: February 2005

Resource Type: Article/Report - Classroom Lessons - Classroom Materials - Experiment - Language Options - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours

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