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Title: Green Module for Biochemistry: A New Chemical Family of Insecticides Exemplified by CONFIRM Selective Caterpillar Control Agent

URL: http://academic.scranton.edu/faculty/CANNM1/biochemistry.html

Abstract: The topic of green chemistry could be incorporated into a traditional biochemistry class quite easily without requiring a large amount of class time. Most biochemistry classes include a discussion of enzyme mechanisms and kinetics. One could use acetylcholinesterase as one of the examples presented in class. The figures included in this module might be helpful in a discussion of formation of the enzyme substrate complex and the role of the serine in the mechanism of the enzyme. Following a discussion of modes of enzyme inhibition, the organophosphates and carbamates could be introduced as inhibitors used as insecticides. The molting accelerators could be presented as an alternative type of insecticide with increased selectivity and therefore lower negative impact on the environment. This module offers discussion, facts, notes to instructors, power point presentation, questions and resources.

Source: University of Stanton Greening Across the Chemistry

Date of Publication: February 2005

Resource Type: Article/Report - Classroom Materials - Fact sheet - Language Options - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours

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