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Title: Green Module for Organic Chemistry: Atom Economy A measure of the Efficiency of a Reaction

URL: http://academic.scranton.edu/faculty/CANNM1/organic.html

Abstract: This module has been written primarily for use in the two semester organic chemistry sequence (both lecture and laboratory) traditionally encountered by students in the sophomore year. The module uses examples of organic reactions and syntheses to illustrate the concept of atom economy. However, atom economy is a simple concept that can be applied to any situation where a reaction and/or synthesis is encountered. Thus this module can be adapted for use in courses such as general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry and industrial chemistry as well courses for non science majors. Included are discussions, questions, a power point presentation, definitions and teacher notes.

Source: University of Scranton Grening Across the Chemistry

Date of Publication: February 2005

Resource Type: Article/Report - Classroom Materials - Experiment - Language Options - Powerpoints, videos and virtual tours

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