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Title: Kids 4 Hydrogen

URL: http://www.kids4hydrogen.com/index.html

Abstract: Kids 4 Hydrogen will educate students and adults about why hydrogen should become America’s energy choice of the future. By providing current news clips on our website (www.kids4hydrogen.com) and providing demonstrations and seminars nationwide, Kids 4 Hydrogen will become the foremost news outlet of infromation and news relating to hydrogen energy for the youth. Kids 4 Hydrogen supports all renewable, sustainable and clean methods of producing hydrogen. We believe that the cleanest way to produce hydrogen is to use an electrolyzer powered by solar energy. As the world moves towards a hydrogen economy, Kids 4 Hydrogen will promote and support efforts to keep hydrogen production as clean as possible. The Kids are really "kids" who are exploring hydrogen fuel cells as real options for the future.

Source: Merit Academy and Kids 4 Hydrogen

Date of Publication: February 2005

Resource Type: School Projects - Article/Report - Web site

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