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Title: Illinois Toxic Art Supplies Code

URL: http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/077/07700848sections.html

Abstract: This is a menu of the Illinois Administrative Code database that applies to toxic art supplies for schools. The purpose and applicability states that: "The Toxic Art Supplies in Schools Act requires the Department to develop lists of art or craft materials which cannot be purchased or ordered for use in kindergarten through sixth grade. These lists are distributed by the State Superintendent of Education to all the school districts in Illinois as well as making the lists available to preschools, child care centers, and other businesses and organizations which involve children in the use of art or craft materials. This Part contains the standards for inclusion and removal of a product on the list of products which can not be purchased or ordered by schools as well as the list of materials which can be purchased or ordered." The list identifies those that are approved and not approved.

Source: Illinois Department Public Health

Date of Publication: February 2005

Resource Type: Classroom Materials - Database - Glossary - Web site

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