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Title: Nature Center at Shaker Lakes Green Building. The

URL: http://www.shakerlakes.org/capital_campaign.htm

Abstract: "The planning for the new building focused on sustainable building practices, commonly called “green building.” Though the current building is substantially remodeled inside, as many parts as possible are reused in the new building. Demolition materials were sorted for recycling. Geothermal energy provides heating and cooling. Insulation and window values maximize energy savings. A small “green roof” supports plant growth and reduces rain run-off, and the rest of the roof gutters feed into rain barrels. Carpeting and other materials are made from recycled materials. The non-diseased wood from the only sizable tree that needs to come down is used for furniture and other creative features. The Center stands as a model for cost-effective, energy efficient and “green” design in the middle of an already-built community." More information on the process is available at the shakerlakes.org website and at http://www.shakerlakes.org/a%20home%20in%20nature.pdf

Source: The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Date of Publication: March 2005

Resource Type: Case Study

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