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Title: AMACO America Clay Company Product Information

URL: http://www.amaco.com/prod-material-safety-data-sheets-msds-631.html

Abstract: "Since 1940, the Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. has been certifying art material labeling through a program of toxicological evaluation by a medical expert. American Art Clay Co., Inc. is a charter member of that program and has the distinction of being the first company with all moist ceramic clays certified as "AP Non-Toxic." In addition, AMACO® was the first to manufacture a LEAD-FREE glaze with the introduction of the F-Series in 1951. All AMACO® products are either AP (Non-Toxic) or CL (Cautions Required) and are labeled accordingly. For more information on safe use of clays, glazes, and other AMACO® products, download our Product Encyclopedia & Safety Manual. Additional safety information can be found at the following locations on their website: General Clay Information,General Glaze Information, and Airbrushing Information." Also provided at this site is a downloadable safety manual as well as descriptions on all of their products.

Source: American Clay Company

Date of Publication: May 2004

Resource Type: Checklist - Fact sheet - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) - Web site

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