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Title: School Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices

URL: http://www.doh.wa.gov/ehp/ts/IAQ/schooliaqbmp.pdf

Abstract: This is a 135-page PDF. This Manual is intended to help achieve and maintain good indoor air quality in Whasnington's K-12 schools. Good quality indoor air contributes to a safe, healthy, productive and comfortable environment for students, teachers, and other school staff. The focus of this manual is best management practices as they pertain to siting, design, construction and renovation. Chapters include:why manage for IAQ, factors influencing IAQ, basic recommended strategies, operating and maintaining HVAC systems, controlling general contaminant sources in school, classrooms and special use areas and tips for organizing to maintain good IAQ.

Source: Washington State Department of Health

Date of Publication: November 2003

Resource Type: Manual/Handbook

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