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Title: Creating Safe Learning Zones: Invisible Threats, Visible Actions

URL: http://www.childproofing.org/cslzindex.html

Abstract: The Child Proofing Our Communities Campaign was established two years ago as part of a nationwide coalition of grassroots groups working on school-based environmental health issues. The campaign aims to connect local efforts across the country, raise awareness of toxic threats to children’s health, and promote precautionary approaches most protective of children. The campaign consists of four school-focused committees: Siting, Pesticides, Indoor Air Quality, and Healthy Buildings.

Chapters include Guidance for Acquiring School Property and Evaluating Existing Sites, The School Siting Process, Action steps for Parents and Community Representatives, and a few state GIS Maps.

Source: Childproofing our Communities Campaign

Date of Publication: June 2005

Resource Type: Manual/Handbook

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