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Title: United States Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act, HR 1268 (The Melina Bill)

URL: http://www.house.gov/conyers/Mold_Bill.pdf

Abstract: The growth of "toxic mold" is becoming a problem of monumental proportions. Exposure to mold growth in residential, public and commercial buildings is believed to have caused serious medical conditions which include bleeding lungs, digestive problems, hair loss, nausea, loss of memory, reduced cognitive skills, and death. Property damage from mold growth has destroyed millions of dollars in real estate and forced homeowners to the curb. We cannot eliminate mold. However, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the dangers of indoor mold growth.

The US Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act and major provisions are identified.

Source: US House of Representatives

Date of Publication: April 2005

Resource Type: Article/Report

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