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Title: Municipal Solid Waste Composting; Potential Effects of Heavy Metals in Municipal Solid Waste Composts on Plants and the Environment

URL: http://compost.css.cornell.edu/MSWFactSheets/msw.fs4.html

Abstract: This is one of 7 fact sheets provided on MSW composting. While considerable attention has been paid to the land application of sewage sludges and composted sewage sludges in the U.S. during the last twenty years, land application of municipal solid waste (MSW) composts has received comparatively little attention. However, there has been a recent resurgence of interest in this topic as other options for solid waste disposal such as landfilling and incineration become less publicly acceptable and increasingly costly...[more]

Source: Cornell Composting

Date of Publication: April 2005

Resource Type: Fact sheet

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