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Title: Our House. Going Green – Fundraising you can feel GOOD about!

URL: http://www.ourhouseworks.com

Abstract: The people from OurHouse provided me with a sample of cleaning supplies. They worked as well as anything else and in some cases better. They have an environmentally friendly product. You can check their MSDS. They are one of a growing number of school fund raising opportunities that does not encourage generation of trash and actually provides solutions. OurHouse is a company that manufactures and sells products that effectively clean homes, while helping to improve the safety and health of families and their environment. Based on a unique formula of hydrogen peroxide, citrus oil, and surfactants – or soaps – OurHouse cleaning products provide families with a safer way to clean everything from clothes and dishes to floors and carpets to windows and appliances. OurHouse products are delivered right to the customer’s front door at a comparable price, while cleaning up their air and water in the process. OurHouse products are better choices for home and family. The OurHouse fundraising program is a unique program where the school or non-profit group that signs up receives 20% of every purchase made by its members. That’s 20 cents of every dollar! And since the products are delivered to the customer’s door and customers pay with their credit cards, schools and non-profits don’t have to sell door-to-door, buy or stock any inventory, handle any billing, or deliver any products. OurHouse products are consumable products, which means that revenues continue to roll in as customers reorder. Unlike many fundraising programs, this program is a true recurring revenue program.To learn more and sign up for the program, please contact OurHouse at info@ourhouseworks.com, or via phone at 877-236-8750. Please visit OurHouse at www.ourhouseworks.com to learn more about the company and its products.

Source: Our House

Date of Publication: May 2005

Resource Type: School Projects - Web site

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