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Title: Recycling by Composting

URL: http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/wue/land2_overview.html

Abstract: What's Up in the Environment projects are intended primarily for middle school students, but can be modified. They begin with an extensive description of the project’s objectives, standards, time and materials needed, computer requirements, and lists of on-line resources for both students and teachers. The procedures are organized according to the basic scientific investigation steps: state the problem; research and hypothesize; plan the experiment and gather data; and analyze the data and make conclusions. The project design has two additional steps — “take action” and assessment — that help students to reflect on what they gained from the project. Links to NAAEE and to Technology Foundation Standards are provided. The project is unusual in its alignment to technology. Overall, this is a great site for any educator who wants to bring project-based learning into the classroom, but especially helpful for those who aren’t quite sure how to start.

Source: Thirteen Ed Online

Date of Publication: June 2005

Resource Type: Classroom Lessons - Classroom Materials - Glossary

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